Q: Would I still be taking some photos while walking around the con and how this is different from your photoshoot?
Yes, I will be taking Floor shots during the convention, these are often random and very quick, very much candid depending how crazy the convention floor will be. The photo will be posted on Facebook with my watermark and sent onto Armaggedon and unedited unwatermark can be purchased at $35.

From the photoshoot packages, there’s more time to work together to get the images. The final images will be retouched and you will receive more images at the package discounted rate. These are often away from the Expo venue.

In both instances, when you purchased high res, a set of social media crops will also be included. The hi-res is intended to be printable to A4. I do ask, where possible, to not to crop or change the image and to credit @capturingheartbeats.

Q: Do you have a make up artist?
For Con photoshoot package, you will need to come already ready wearing your Cosplay.

Q: Can I bring a friend/partner/family to the photoshoot?
Of course, you can. We’ll be focussed on your Cosplay during the photoshoot. An extra person can help with looking after our (yours and mine) gear, fix detailing that I am not aware off and bring ideas to the shoot.

Q: Do you use flash?
More recently, I do add a flash to help. Short answer YES. Often my style is more natural light and relaxed posing. So I shy away from the flash, but will have one if I need more Fill light. Also I am a single person this time so I’ll be working with a small gear set.

Q: What happens if it rains?
Unless it’s going to be pouring, I can still shoot. So it depends on your own comfort level. Example was in Wellington last year (2k17), there was no sun, so we will not shoot the yummy backlight style.

Q: Can you shoot after the convention?
Sure thing, I can shoot almost anytime, best to give me a shout.

Q: Can I book now and pay later? Or pay on the spot?
Yes, you can. But no finished images will be release until payment is completed. I will have my phone app for bank transfers and can take cash on the day.

Q: How much of a geek are you?
– Started with pen and paper rpg, ( pre computers and pre internet – CoC, D&D, VtM, WtA, MtA, Deadlands, L5R Blood Angel, Genstealer Chaos Cult, Vampire Counts, Night haunts, Death rattle )
– mainstream and idie comics (Marvel: Shadowcat, DC: Robin – Tim Drake, Chinese: Was Ying Hung, Anime: MinMei, Image: Darkness)
– martial arts, sci fi, fantasy, and horror TV and Movies
– have dance and martial arts training (Linear Salsa on One, Street Tango, West Coast US Ballroom, Lindy Swing. Wing Tsun, Tai Chi, Shao Lin)
– RavenClaw
– House Tyrell
– Corrupt Unicorn
– Maze rats
– Black and Blue – Fat Djinn Reanimation
– consumer of food and drinks (IPA, Islay, Bombay, X-Blend, Dr Mojo, wontons, roast pork)

How geek are you? We can geek about it, let talk over the photoshoot

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